Member Directory

Member Directory

Village Education Tutors Foundation

1201 N Orange Street, Suite 7004
Wilmington DE 19801-1188

Our Core Beliefs

None of us can achieve success without leveraging community. If one amongst our community suffers, we all suffer. It truly takes a village to educate and set a child on the path to success.

Our Vision

Bridge the gap between a family's educational needs and life through academic excellence

Our Mission

Improving educational outcomes of our community’s students through parental partnership in the delivery of high-quality personalized education services that are designed to meet the specific needs of each student using a social emotional focus.

Our Commitment

Maintain high quality Village Education teachers with student to tutor ratios that allow for focused attentive partnerships with each family and primary education community we serve.

Virtual One2One Academic Coaching Tutoring Services (Grades 5 - 12)

Additional Information

County : New Castle

2021 Spring Algebra 1 Equity Program - 60 second

Gates Foundation sponsored program Thank You Video

2021 Algebra 1 Equity Scholars Program - 6 min

Gates Foundation sponsored program Thank You Video

Scholar Voice Podcast - 1st Segment

Village has given our student scholars and university mentors the platform to share a few thoughts
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